I applied or 'De Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten Utrecht' (HKU) to try and continue my education and to learn all about 2D animation. To successfully apply for this school, I had to make a couple of tuition assignments to test if I was really fit for what they had in store for me. One of those tuition assignments revolved around creating two black & white four-panel comics with an original story and characters.

Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut for 2020. Mainly due to my late application. I have also had some family issues at the time, with a beloved family member passing away. Which made it difficult for me to put all my focus on these assignments. The quality of these comics may reflect this. I planned to develop these characters and their story way more, but it just didn't happen.

For the purposes of potential further development of this concept in the future I won't be revealing much of the story here. What I will reveal here is that Jeremiah and Ricardo are "Barely Dragons" and live together in an apartment as roommates. Together they try to make their way through a human cultured world.
Issue #1
Issue #2
Written, Created & Illustrated by
Mitch Wensveen

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