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After admitting the failure of my previous and first big project "MitchelChannal", I wanted something new and fresh to hopefully capture an audience this time, but also to creatively challenge myself once again.

This is when Glorious Rigby was born.
Glorious Rigby has been created with a background story. A sort of template dictating how the channel is going to feel and play out.
Rigby is part of an alien species called the "Gloforian", While being lost in space for several days, he got picked up by an interstellar organization called "Velk", providing him with a place to stay and a job to earn credits with.

One day, things don't go as planned. After a devastating attack by space pirates, many Velk passengers needed to flee for their lives, and Rigby was no exception. While the ship was figuratively and literally being ripped apart, Rigby sprinted to the nearest escape pod and took it for a spin, shooting himself into deep space, leaving the wreckage of his former temp home behind.

Now orbiting Earth, the only way to earn some credits and to keep himself busy for a bit is to make video's on YouTube, where he educates some people in the process.
Rigby's design combines inspiration from a metric ton of sources. His blue skin color, for example, is inspired from "The Drifter" from the indie game Hyper Light Drifter. I always liked how nice and easy the blue color is to the eyes. And as you're going to spend a lot of time with him, the ease of appearance is very important. No random colors. 
Created & Produced by
Mitch Wensveen

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