In early 2019, me and a good friend of mine - Fabio Steltenpohl - were tasked by our school to produce and direct a music video for an independent music artist. After using some favors we eventually got in contact with singer/songwriter Saskia Veenswijk who needed a music video for her latest song called "Zonder Titel" (Meaning "Without Title" in Dutch)
We got to work finding a location, making the storyboards and went through several concept ideas before we landed on the final concept. A painter daydreams about a band singing in a with mist filled warehouse while she paints them on canvas was our idea, and I think it was pretty well executed.
The End Result
Directed & Produced by
Fabio Steltenpohl &
Mitch Wensveen

Lyrics Written by
Saskia Veenswijk

Vocals Recorded at
Riverstudio Alkmaar

Rosanne Beukeboom

Guitar & Vocals
Saskia veenswijk

Robbert Tuinhof

Cast; The Artist
Mathilda Marcheti Steltenpohl

Video Editing
Mitch Wensveen

Special Thanks
Ymuiden stores holland bv
de jong dakinspecties
fiona kluck-van swieten
mediacollege amsterdam

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